Social responsibility

Promoting the adoption of sound social and labour practices, the creation of decent jobs and the improvement of working conditions

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What we do

Providing information on social standards with Standards Map and driving convergence through benchmarking and cooperation with industry platforms. Working with standards organizations to build on their commonalities rather than developing parallel and sometimes conflicting solutions.

Why we do it

Trade needs to address internationally recognized social and labour standards to ensure that the poor and vulnerable are not left behind, bearing the brunt of low wages and poor working conditions driven by an increasingly competitive trading environment.

How we do it

Providing value chain actors and key stakeholders with transparency and traceability tools, benchmarking methodologies and key intelligence to ensure the adoption of social responsibility without overburdening MSMEs.

What we focus on

Helping MSMEs to implement socially sustainable business practices to increase their competitiveness and reduce adverse business risks and unethical labour practices.

Decent working conditions
Assisting MSMEs and value chain actors implement sound social and labour practices to create decent jobs
Social innovations
Thought leadership for the harmonization of social norms and reduction of audit fatigue of international suppliers
Modern slavery
Providing information and tools to address modern slavery in international supply chains
Local communities
Safeguarding local communities through the adoption of sustainability tools and requirements
Child labour
Enabling business actors to implement standards and rules to eradicate child labour in the supply chain
In partnership with the ITC Youth Initiative, catalyzing youth on an international network
Ethical production & processing
Promoting traditional and sustainable ways of production and processing practices
Labour conditions, decent and fair working conditions and work empowerment

Standards Map:
Your roadmap to sustainable trade

A free tool to find transparent information and discover trends on standards for environmental protection, labour rights, business ethics and more.

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