Sustainability Standards

Transparent and accessible information to speed the adoption, harmonization and convergence of standards focusing on environmental protection, labour rights, business ethics and more.

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What we do

Working with over 250 standard setting organizations, private and public sector organizations and civil society to map the landscape of sustainability standards providing transparent and neutral information and leveraging this information to promote the adoption of sustainable production, consumption and trade.

Why we do it

MSMEs are disproportionately impacted when required to comply with complex environmental or social and labour standards to access international markets. Many MSMEs lack the necessary capacity and resources to manage sustainability risks and realize the opportunities. To change their production and business practices, MSMEs need tools and targeted guidance.

How we do it

Providing the world’s largest pool of information with trusted and neutral information about sustainability standards and provision of benchmarking and additional services to retailers, national public procurement and standard setting organizations.

What we focus on

Helping MSMEs to implement socially sustainable business practices to increase their competitiveness and reduce adverse business risks and unethical labour practices.

Enhancing transparency and understanding of voluntary sustainability standards (VSS), codes of conduct and audit protocols since 2009
UNSDG Mapping
Mapping overlaps and disconnects between sustainability standards and the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development
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Responsible Sourcing
Enabling closer integration of supplier sustainability data with multiple brands and retailers reducing reporting costs driving the uptake
Engaging with governments and national standards organizations to use benchmarking tools and methodologies and supporting alignment
Driving convergence and working with standards organizations to build commonalities rather than developing parallel solutions

Standards Map:
Your roadmap to sustainable trade

A free tool to find transparent information and discover trends on standards for environmental protection, labour rights, business ethics and more.

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